Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Weeks 6 and 7

We have had a busy couple of weeks with lots of "new" things happening. Ensley and I would like to share some of our adventures and milestones...

  • 1st night away from home: We took Ensley to the lake cabin we have in Moorsburg about an hour away from home. She loved it so we decided to spend the night. We had to bring everything but the kitchen sink anyways so Philip and I thought it would be good bonding time. Well....she definitely is a home body right now because we barely slept!
  • 1st night in crib: After several restless nights in a row, we decided Ensley was ready to enjoy her own room at night so into the crib she went! She has done SO well and now we are getting a little more sleep. Those video monitors are priceless!
  • 1st mom/daughter outing along: Well, we did it alone. I was most nervous about driving alone in the car but the car seems to put her right to sleep. We ran by the bank and then by my office. Everyone at the office was glad to see her...and how much she has grown! Everyone thinks she looks like Philip but I'm still hopeful. (I think she's looking more like me each day.)

St Patty's Day

Dad made sure she was dressed in green so there would be no pinches...just tons of kisses!
New BFFs Ensley and Addison

Week 7


  • Real smiles: My heart just melts each time she smiles at me. And she's ticklish too!
  • Beginning to coo: Won't be long before she starts saying her first words. I've been working diligently with the ma-ma sounds!!!
  • Met your new BFF: We went to our great friends' house, Kristen and Zack Pumphrey, who just had their baby girl exactly 5 weeks after Ensley was born. Addison is a doll and we know these two will have great times ahead.
  • Thumb/Fist sucking: Ensley has now found her fist and thumb and enjoys sucking on them (to Philip's horror). Even though I think its kind of cute, we are trying to get her to use the pacie instead.
  • 1st Girls Night Out: Ensley made it to her first night with the girls at Jen Clements' house. It was a much needed outing for mom! Everyone brought the projects that they were working on or needed to finish and we ate tons of great food. My project was to learn how to better blog.....a big shout out to Tricia Nguyen who helped me out!! Thanks Tricia.

Stay posted....more to come soon!